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Re: [IPk] Infusion sites

In a message dated 12/21/2002 7:54:19 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I think the Diaport may be a solution, but of course its still ungoing 
> trials.
> Does anyone know if I could get onto a trial at one of the trial centres if
> I'm not a patient at that clinic?
Hi Lesley,

I don't know which centres (if any) are offering Diaport trials at present.  
I was asked if I'd like to consider one over a year ago, as my HbA1c levels 
then still weren't as good as I/consultant would have liked and the centre 
planned to do a Diaport trial in summer 2002.  Things improved on the HbA1c 
front, but when I went to clinic in October and asked about the trial out of 
interest, I was told that it hadn't started because of problems 
(complications) noted in other trials.

I have to say that this didn't surprise me, because when I read up the 
literature after being asked if I'd like to go on the trial, I found that 
there were few trials, mostly in animals, tiny numbers and a high rate of 
complications.  Having it fitted is an invasive procedure, after all, and 
problems can occur afterwards too.  I would strongly suggest that you 
research this beforehand, if you haven't already done so (I can help if you'd 
like).  Personally, I would not now consider Diaport unless my control with 
the pump was so bad that I was at high risk of further complications.

OK, I'm biased, but I think Pat's right about Minimed products being an 
alternative solution.

IDDM 30+ yrs, Minimed 508 2+
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