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[IPk] accepting lows

Why should feeling unwell and being unable to get on with life be accepted, in
the name of good control and reduced expense later on. If they are that
concerned with reducing complications and costs, shouldn't they be finding
ways of helping you to avoid these lows/ funding pumps etc. You are being
pushed and pushed to achieve their goals with no consideration of the impact
it has on your quality of life and will be condemned if you fail to meet them
because you want to be able to do the things that most people would take for
granted. Of course, so keen to get those A1cs to 7.5 or below as long as it
doesn't cost anything. I am getting sick of people going on about the cost of
diabetes to society, the NHS etc. What about cost to the individual due not
only to complications but impact on lifestyle due to acute  problems like
hypos. The impact to the individual in terms of suffering, poor health,
mortality and loss of personal freedom, dignity and ability to earn ( due to
hypos or complications or mis information leading to archaic inflexible
regimens) is almost completely ignored, unless of course it can be averted
with inimal cost and minimal effort on the part of the NHS and society at
Diabetes is truly a hidden condition. If someone is unable to walk then
wheelchairs are available, buildings are modified, presumably motility
allowance is available. If someone is unable to lead a normal life due to
feeling out of it most of the time with hypos they are left to get on with it
or even condemned if they try to avoid it by running glucose at higher then
the ideal. And the person in the wheelkchair will not develop visual, renal or
vascular complications due to having the buildings modified and the work place
made accessible. And all the time the diabetic is supposed to feel grateful
because they are not having to pay for a treatment which does not allow them a
normal quality of life and doesn't guarantee freedom from complications...
I'll get off my soap box now
I do not want to trivialise the problems of people with other disabilities
I believe that the attitude of your DSN is grounds for complaint but of course
this is extremely difficult for you because you have had so many problems
being seen at any clinic
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