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[IPk] Re:Dafne

Thanks for that. I see what you mean! Basically, then, it is designed to do 
the same job as the pump? I do count the carbs anyway, as that was the way I 
was taught when I was dx, many moons ago. I didn't like the bit about 
acccepting hypoglycemia as part of life, though. The DSN is saying that at 
the moment. I often wake up 'low', not very, but enought to give me a 
headache and be unable to carry out my normal activities. The mornings are 
the busiest time of the day, and the most stressful for me. I have to get the 
kids up and out to school..no easy feat with my two, I can tell you! If I had 
to wait for my BG to correct itself, (which I've been told to do as my BG 
rises mid morning, always has) I would never get the job done, never mind 
drive them to school. The professionals don't seem to understand this and are 
encouraging me to accept these lows and try and 'take it easy' until they 
right themselves! Ahem! In an ideal world maybe!
Anyhow, the latest here in the dark ages is that the Health auth. (Morecambe 
Bay) have 'closed the door' on any pump use whatsoever since the NICE report 
came out. (I talked to a nurse I knew who is now job sharing with the other 
DSN..she's amazed that things are so behind here). Just wondered, as I'm 
seeing the consultant again in January (they brought my appt fwd as he's away 
end of Jan...it's awkward for me but they said if I couldnt attend on the 9th 
then it would be May)!, if anyone can explain in plain English exactly where 
things stand now with pump supply on the NHS, etc. I read the NICE doocument 
but it was a bit confusing to my CFS addled brain! 
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