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[IPk] Infusion sites

Hi everyone

Has anyone got any advice/ideas on this?...

I know it's early days yet (pumping for just under 3 months) but a pattern
seems to be emerging.  Pumping was originally suggested because of control
problems associated with lipohypertrophy.  Therefore, I have some areas that I
can't infuse into because of the lumps.  This cuts down available infusion
sites slightly.  The pattern that's emerging is this... Tenders are great in
the parts of my back and sides that I can use, but sometimes last for less
than 24 hours in my main abdominal fat-pad.  Rapid C's are great there and
last for the full 2 days, but they've been discontinued.  I'm allergic to the
connector in Rapid D's, and Rapid standards are no good because I like to be
able to disconnect.  I'm reluctant to switch to Rapid D's and routinely cover
the connector or my skin, if there is another way.  If I opt for Tenders only,
I'm severely restricting my available sites.

I think the Diaport may be a solution, but of course its still ungoing trials.
Does anyone know if I could get onto a trial at one of the trial centres if
I'm not a patient at that clinic?

Any thoughts/advice re infusion sets or Diaports would be welcome.

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron just under 3 months

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