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RE: [IPk] Diabetes symptoms??

Well if she gets anymore infections I will try to get her to insist on some
more investigations.  The last time she has a urine infection she was just
fobbed off by the practice nurse who just kept telling her that there was
"nothing" in her urine and sending her away.  Nicki was on the phone to me
in tears because of the pain in her bladder.  It was only the third time she
went back that there was blood in her urine that they sent a specimen away
and gave her some antibiotics.  I think they did a follow up test later  to
check the infection was gone.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted

> >I just don't get thirsty any more,
> This is it: some people are thirsty and some people aren't. While I'd be
> concerned about the repeated infections as well, Jackie, because it
> indicates her health isn't fabulous, it could just be that she's
> a thirsty
> individual. If her BGs are consistently good, send her to a
> homoeopath, who
> is likely to be very interested in her being a thirsty individual.
> elizabeth
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