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RE: [IPk] Dehydration

Hi Lesley

Hmmm!  I get lots of cramp at the moment and I am drinking less than usual,
perhaps I need to drink more!!  I used to drink more but just lately I have
been so busy that I haven made myself many drinks and I rarely drink cold
drinks.  I loath and detest coke and feel cheated that I do, because
everyone else seems to like it so much.  When I was younger I even used to
drink the dreaded stuff just because everyone else did and I didn't want to
be left out!!!

What you said about Nicki drinking and glucose levels make sense.  It was
when she was drinking lots that I tested her and as you say its the high
glucose levels that causes the thirst and the tests I did were definitely
within normal range.  So I guess this must be alright and the drinking in
not due to D at least.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted

> I often used to complain at the D clinic of frequent cramps in my feet and
> legs, but the doc wasn't interested until "I had suffered
> non-stop for 3 or
> more days"!  I don't think they understood what I meant...!  I'd also get
> cramp about 20 minutes into a gym workout.  Anyway, when I
> decided to drink 2
> litres of water a day, the cramp disappeared.  Shame no-one asked
> me about my
> fluid intake at the clinic...
> Jackie - regarding the dilution of blood etc, as far as I
> understand, it's the
> high blood glucose level which makes you wee and consequently makes you
> thirsty, so the kidneys can try to flush out the excess sugar.  If your
> daughter's thirst was being driven by high blood glucose, I'm
> sure it would
> show up in the tests you have done, even if she is drinking loads.
> Lesley
> IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 2 months
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