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[IPk] Pump on loan

I contacted Minimed/Medtronic on Wed and they decided to have me return the 
pump to have it checked out as some weird things were happening and bgs were 
going up no matter what I did and no infection brewing etc.  Replacement pump 
arrived and I put the basals back to my previous setting (I'd raised them by .1 
for the four settings on advice of specialist nurse).  Despite that I woke up 
at 1am with a bg of 1.8 mmol/l (33 mg/dl)!  Not funny.

Seems peculiar since basals were lower and snack same as ever.  I'm boring that 
way in the evening so I can try and avoid hypos during the night.  Well it 
didn't work last night so will reduce bolus for snack tonight.  

So it's back to lots of testing and checking including during the night.

I'm sure this is just a hiccup on the way.

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