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Re: [IPk] Alcohol

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies.  Well after considering for a short while, I 
decided that I will stick with my usual drink of orange bacardi breezers.  My 
instinct was to bolus 1 unit for every bottle, but because i was dancing i 
actually bolused 1 unit for 2 bottles.  I did test my blood during the night, 
the highest it reached was 20 (did give myself correction boluses).  An hour 
before the club shut I reduced my basal rate down to 70% - for 4 hours.  
However, had hypo at 10.30 this morning.  Next time I think I will bolus 1 
unit for one bottle, and extend the temporary basal rate.

Again thankyou all for your help.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year

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