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RE: [IPk] Dehydration

I often used to complain at the D clinic of frequent cramps in my feet and
legs, but the doc wasn't interested until "I had suffered non-stop for 3 or
more days"!  I don't think they understood what I meant...!  I'd also get
cramp about 20 minutes into a gym workout.  Anyway, when I decided to drink 2
litres of water a day, the cramp disappeared.  Shame no-one asked me about my
fluid intake at the clinic...

Jackie - regarding the dilution of blood etc, as far as I understand, it's the
high blood glucose level which makes you wee and consequently makes you
thirsty, so the kidneys can try to flush out the excess sugar.  If your
daughter's thirst was being driven by high blood glucose, I'm sure it would
show up in the tests you have done, even if she is drinking loads.


IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 2 months

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