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[IPk] Re: Alcohol


I suspect this email may reach you during your Bacardi-induced hangover but 

I have found that drinking Alcopops, especially very sweet ones such as 
BB's/Smirnoff Ice send my blood sugar into the high teens, and unless a lot 
of alcohol has been consumed, the sugars remain this way well into the 
morning.  If you have one or two they are effectively like drinking coke or 
lemonade; at higher quantities the alcohol will kick in later, and lower the 
blood sugar

So my general advice would be to AVOID THEM, and drink low-carbohydrate 
drinks such as Vodka/diet coke, vodka/diet tonic - this is particualrly good 
as many other spirits are very sweet.

Alcohol is tricky as there seems to be conflicting advice.  The medical 
profession say 'do not bolus for carbohydrate in alcoholic drinks for fear 
of alcohol-induced hypo's, particularly while sleeping'.

If drinking one or two lagers/bitters/glasses of wine/alcopops (in 
particular) I think most people on the list would agree that it is essential 
to give a bolus??     I give two units of Humalog for a pint of John Smiths, 
one for a pint of lager, and avoid sweet cocktails/alcopops

I haven't seen low-sugar alcopops in bars, which is surprising since they 
are meant to be targeting women (and kids who love the sugar).....



Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:00:23 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPk] Alcohol

Hi all,

I'm going out clubbing tonight  to celebrate end of exams and
Was wondering if any one knows what i should do if i drink Bacardi
This is the first proper night out since I started on the pump at the
begining of september.  Once I had one bottle of BB and found my bg to
high after, another time I had 2 bottles and bolused 1 unit for each.
more than likely I will drink more than that tonight, but I don't want
send myself hypo later in the night. Help!


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