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Re: [IPk] clubbing, bacardi breezeres etc

Interesting, because I was just wondering the same thing myself (going 
clubbing tonight for the first time in a long time and will probably be 
drinking something similar - which I don't normally do either but they're 
cheap and easy to drink while dancing!)

My usual experience is that drinking e.g. alcopops works quite well with no 
adjustments to insulin because the carbs offset the exercise of the dancing.
Of course it depends how much you drink and how much you dance! 
If I'm just drinking and not dancing I need about 1 unit per bottle.
In either case I usually need carbs and/or a basal reduction before I go to 
have a good time!

On Thursday 19 December 2002 19:20, you wrote:
>     won't you need extra carbs anyway if clubbing?
> might be useful to find the carb content of a breezer somewhere and use
> this to sustain BG for dancing/ being in a hot environment etc( remembering
> to keep hydrated as well), and deal with the later hypoglycaemic effect
> with low GI/ high protein snack before bed or a reduced basal overnight
> If you need a lot of extra carbs during the evening alternating with a non
> alcoholic source may be a good idea (vbg)
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