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Re: [IPk] Diabetes symptoms??

Hi Jackie
I used to be like that - even before I was dxed - and my mum has always been 
the opposite. If we bought a can of drink for lunch or something she would 
only ever drink 1/4 of it and I would drink mine and the rest of hers.
I would often have to buy a can of drink while out shopping as I would get 
really dehydrated.
Now I've become like my mum (how scary is that?) and I have to remember to 
make myself drink. I drink tea and coffee (and alcohol) but can easily not 
drink anything else all day. I always drink water when I dance or go to the 
gym or exercise though. To make myself drink more I have one of those soluble 
vitamin C tablets instead of a normal one every morning, so I have to 
dissolve it in a glass of water and that makes sure I drink something other 
than coffee at breakfast! I just don't get thirsty any more, although I know 
I should drink more as I'm sure I'm dehydrated a lot of the time.

On Thursday 19 December 2002 23:56, you wrote:
> Hi Mary
> I have spoken to my daughter tonight and she now has some sort of cream for
> the thrush and the GP has asked her to bring a urine specimen in.  I have
> tested her with Sasha's meter ( clean lancets) a couple of times and her bg
> has been in the region of 4.5. This was about 5 weeks ago I think.  So I
> don't think there really is a problem it just crossed my mind.  I just
> wondered if the amount of water she drinks would be enough to dilute the
> blood and urine enough to give a false reading in the early stages of D.  I
> am not really worrying a lot about this, just being aware.  She always seem
> to me to be wanting drinks and looks agitated if there isn't one.  I mean
> when we went shopping a couple of weeks back we had to go somewhere and buy
> a drink cos she was really thirsty. We'd only been in town a short time.
> Maybe its me and I just don't drink enough!   I never get that thirsty
> shopping and believe me I can shop for hours!  I also don't like cold drink
> much and drink lots of tea and coffee.  Maybe that's where she's going
> wrong and needs to get that caffeine down her!!!
> Nicki is in her 20's and has been with the boyfriend about 2 or 3 years.  I
> have mentioned about Nick ( the boyfriend)  being treated for thrush to as
> its obviously going to get spread back and forth and she said of course she
> knew that already !!!!!  I suppose I was slightly more concerned this time
> as she has only recently had another urine infection and for someone who
> drinks lots of water and cranberry juice you'd think that she would be able
> to avoid these things.
> I will tell you if anything significant shows up.
> Thanks Jackie
> Mum of many girls.
> > Hi Jackie,
> >
> > Several possibilities here, and I'm sure others on the list will
> > have more to
> > add.
> >
> > I don't know how old she is but I assume late teens or early 20s.
> > Drinking
> > 2-3 litres of fluid a day is normal, and she'll need more if she
> > exercises or
> > drinks alcohol - so is she actually drinking excessive amounts?
> > I see lots
> > of young people walking around or on the bus carrying water/Coca
> > Cola etc and
> > swigging it, some with large bottles especially when they're off
> > to the gym.
> >
> > A number of factors can cause people to drink more water/fluid. I
> > won't bore
> > you with a list of conditions, but urine infection may cause folk
> > to drink
> > more because they pass more, or they may (sensibly) have been advised to
> > drink lots of water or high water content drinks such as squash,
> > fizzy drinks
> > etc.  Same goes for thrush.
> >
> > I hesitate to ask this because of possible offence, none
> > intended, but the
> > combination of urine infection, thrush, boyfriend and living away
> > from home
> > usually means an intimate relationship which may be causing the
> > problem in
> > the first place.  Once you get infection it can be a recurring
> > problem.  I
> > can give advice off list if you want to go into this further.
> >
> > And then there's diabetes.  Yes, could be a cause.  Formal bg
> > testing/investigation is an option if the above aren't pertinent.
> >  After all,
> > she does have a family history!
> >
> > Hope this is of some help,
> >
> > Mary
> > IDDM 30 yrs+, 508 2+, medic 20+
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