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[IPk] Education others about your pump

Hi all,

An earlier message about ensuring that someone knows what to do with your 
pump if you go out clubbing but go hypo etc reminded  me of this true story, 
which happened only recently.  (It wasn't me, by the way!!) 

A pumper who worked in an office had told colleagues that they were on the 
pump - but that was it.  So when, one day, the pumper went hypo at work, the 
colleagues had no idea what to do with the pump itself.  Being lay people and 
having no knowledge of how a pump works or how long it takes for pump insulin 
to have an effect, they called an ambulance and cut the tubing so that no 
more insulin would go into the person. They didn't give any CHO because they 
didn't know that they should - they just thought that if the insulin was 
stopped, the person would be OK.  At the hospital, fortunately there was one 
enlightened member of staff on duty who understood pumps and the fact that, 
even though this person was hypo and needed treatment, they needed to have 
some insulin going in too.

Lots of lessons there. :-)

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