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[IPk] Diabetes symptoms??


As if I haven't got enough worries with ill children (the twins and Danni
have been ill on and off for a couple of weeks) Sasha and Danni are fine now
but Beckie still isn't right. My oldest daughter keeps getting urine
infections and has now got thrush again.  When she is home I think she
drinks excessive amounts or water.  She lives away from home now so only see
her every 3 weeks or so.  She literally walks around the house carrying a 2
litre bottle of water sometimes. When she comes down with boyfriend in the
car she never goes anywhere without a bottle or can of drink.  Now I don't
think I drink enough at times but anyway its seems like a lot to me.  I have
remarked on the amount she drinks lots of times and we have tested her bg
and it has been in the normal range on several occasions when we have tested
it.  Does anyone know if the fact that she drinks so much would actually
stop the Bg from being so raised or would it show up anyway??? She doesn't
seem ill apart from these symptoms.  I am not ever so worried at this stage
but just slightly concerned.

Anyway her GP asked today if anyone in the family has diabetes and she has
to take a urine sample in. They did some urine tests when she last had a
waterworks or kidney infection  six weeks  ago and there was no mention of
glucose in the wee then.  She did take antibiotics for that.

I did mention about it being passed back to her from boyfriend again but she
says that he gets treated at the same time so they shouldn't keep passing
thrush back and forth.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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