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Re: [IPk] Vic

Thanks for your reply  it is nice to know that you are still on the e-mail
we have spoken before when i first started on the insulin pump i have just
completed one year with  out having to inject regularly have had a couple to
get me out of trouble  have been a iddm for forty years and have got some
long term problems  my doctor has told me that this  problem with my liver
is long term diabetic problems i was quite surprised if he had said kidney
then O k but liver well quite surprised    keep in touch and i will let you
know how things materialize
                                        best regards  vic
 has any body had  any news about Sarah Davies( MiniMed) she was my nurse
and i have been told that she is quite un -well     Vic

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Good luck with the scan!

Of course other health problems can worsen control. I wonder if this is what
is happening in your case. Have things deteriorated as a result of stress,
being in hospital etc? ( sounds more than likely)
I hope you get your control back again soon ( diabetes always misbehaves
you least want it to!)
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