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RE: [IPk] Childbirth (rather off-topic)

Hi Karen

I am not a diabetic but just a mum of a diabetic but I have given birth to
four children.   There is no reason why if everything was going right with a
pregnancy why a mother couldn't have a baby at home.   Although often
consultants are happier if most mums have their first baby in hospital in
case there are any unforeseen problems.  However as I know, things can go
wrong very quickly and you may need a medical team who know what they doing
if there has to be intervention quickly.  If they have to quickly rush you
in don't count on there being medical staff who know how the treat diabetes
especially someone who is on a pump.  Having had to go in to hospital
several times with Sasha (for sick bugs)  I am appalled at the lack of
medical knowledge about diabetes.    These days if everything is fine you
can go home the same day if you wish.  You can often still give birth how
you want in hospital water birth etc.  Check out your local hospital and see
how they plan things.  I am sure that there are mums on this list who will
be able to tell you more than me.
It can be rather nice in hospital, especially with your first baby.  Lots of
help on hand and you haven't got the nagging worry about what if things go
wrong and you have to be moved to hospital quickly.

Here is a link which you may find useful.  I thought it made interesting
reading and some very valid points.  There is also a contact e mail address
for this mother.


Mum of Sasha

> Hello all,
> I'm wondering if anybody here knows of women with Type 1 diabetes
> who have
> given birth at home. I want to get pregnant soon - going on the pump and
> improving my control was the first step. Now I'm thinking about the
> practicalities and wondering how much resistance I will meet when
> I tell my
> GP and diabetes care team that I want a home birth! Also I want to do
> whatever will bring the best outcome for the baby, needless to say.
> Any experience or contacts you could provide me with will be much
> appreciated.
> (I know I'm thinking about this way in advance, but that's what I'm like!)
> Thanks,
> > Karen
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