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Re: [IPk] General Questions

Hi Melissa
Yes, I discovered there are a lot of hidden sugars etc in Chinese food, as 
well as all the fat. I try to avoid Chinese where possible - mainly because 
it's not really very healthy - and I almost never have Chinese takeaway 
(maybe once every 3 years). If I do have Chinese, I usually bolus a couple of 
units more than I think I need, and do a square wave or dual  bolus, 
especially as the meal usually takes ages to eat! The only time I had very 
good results after a Chinese was when I went dancing afterwards! I tend to do 
the same and have the healthiest options, and then taste bits of everyone 
else's. Trouble is, if there's a lot of you, having tastes of everyone else's 
ends up meaning you eat quite a lot of the other stuff in total!

On Monday 16 December 2002 12:06, you wrote:
> Hi Di,
> One of my friends who had trouble with Chinese food discovered that there
> is a lot of cornstarch hidden in it! If you get something sweet and sour,
> the breading on the meat can have an effect on bg, as can any of the rather
> thick sauces involved in nearly everything on the average Chinese
> restaurant menu. And when the fat intensifies the effect of the hidden
> carb, you go, 'Argggh!' Sometimes when I go for Chinese with a group, I get
> just a load of steamed veggies and rice to share around and have tastes of
> everyone else's more interesting meals (especially if someone gets General
> Tso's chicken!). I usually bolus 20% more insulin than I think I should
> have when I eat a Chinese meal other than the steamed veggie option. I
> might need to correct later anyway.
> Good luck,
> Melissa
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