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Re: [IPk] General Questions

Hi Di,

One of my friends who had trouble with Chinese food discovered that there is 
a lot of cornstarch hidden in it! If you get something sweet and sour, the 
breading on the meat can have an effect on bg, as can any of the rather 
thick sauces involved in nearly everything on the average Chinese restaurant 
menu. And when the fat intensifies the effect of the hidden carb, you go, 
'Argggh!' Sometimes when I go for Chinese with a group, I get just a load of 
steamed veggies and rice to share around and have tastes of everyone else's 
more interesting meals (especially if someone gets General Tso's chicken!). 
I usually bolus 20% more insulin than I think I should have when I eat a 
Chinese meal other than the steamed veggie option. I might need to correct 
later anyway.

Good luck,


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