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Re: [IPk] Re: I've had to pay for the first lot of silhouettes!

Quoting email @ redacted:

> I will look at this but I am trying to work it out.  Does this mean that
> I 
> would fill the reservoir with more insulin and keep the tubing going
> longer?  
> At the moment, we fill the reservoir with 150 units and change the set
> every 
> 3rd evening.  I throw absolutely everything away and start with
> everything 
> new and sterile.

I fill the reservoir full - originally I did it like you with 150 units.  If 
you re-fill it once with another 150 units this will cut in half your reservoir 
use and there is no problem with that.  Everyone who wrote to me on this issue 
said they'd found no problem with reusing the reservoir once.

All that happens with the combo set is that you re-use the tubing once.  I.e. 
when you set-change, you change the set i.e. the needle/cannula part as usual, 
but leave the tubing connected to the pump.  Presumably Danielle is not using 
all that much insulin.  She won't be using 150 units in 3 days, does she?  So 
presumably you're throwing away a lot of insulin?

If you work out approximately what Danielle uses in 3 days then allow say an 
extra-day's worth in the reservoir, either you can double this and last 6 days 
or refill with that amount after 3 days and you've saved on a reservoir and 

So Day 1 - you do a full set change, including new tubing and new reservoir.  
On Day 3 or whenever you change the set but not the tubing and reservoir.
On Day 6 or whenever you do a full set change, including new tubing and new 

Saves too on priming the new tubing set.  I find that takes around 15 units if 
I do it via the pump or as Di suggested, manually prime the tubing before 
putting the new reservoir back in the pump and the prime with approx 5 units 
before connecting to the new set.

Best wishes


P.S. if this isn't clear shout at me and I'll try again or get someone else to 
explain it more clearly. <g>
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