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Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!
>Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:10:32 -0800
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> > Hi again all
> >
> > Thanks for your responses. Some comments:
> >
> > 1. Yes, I'm sure I am doing the correct amount of
> > insulin to cover the meal. Here is an example:
> > 1pm eat lunch bg 4.9
> > 2pm bg 13.2
> > 3pm bg 18.2
> > 6pm bg 5.8 This is typical of the pattern. If I take
> > more insulin I will be hypo by 4pm.
> >
> > 2. I thought that wholemeal food was "low GI" - am I
> > mistaken here? Shouldn't wholemeal rolls release sugar
>nope, they are just a different color :-(
>Any highly refined grain product generally releases its glucose very
>rapidly -- the particles are very small and thus converted rapidly to
> > slowly during the afternoon? If they are indeed high
> > GI, would any different type of bread be better?
>The ones with the "big chunks". The are better, but not much.
>The more interesting foods like this are breakfast cereal. The whole
>grain cereals and the "junk food" cereals are the ones with the most
>even release of glucose. The first because the whole grain requires
>significant processing to be digested and the second because of the
>addition of complex sugars to sweeten the product. The "plain"
>cereals are similar to your muffin -- nothing but highly refined
>wheat that is converted rapidly to glucose.
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Dear All

You think that wholemeal bread will be better than white because that is 
what the dietitian told you.  Well she told you some time ago but its 
changed now its just as bad as white bread!

Hospitals really need to hand their patients lists of the up-to-date 
information in case we don't pick it up by osmosis.


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