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[IPk] Christmas Party on the Pump

Hello everyone

At last, things are looking up!  Last year I was worried about Danielle 
eating things at her xmas party at school and coming home too high.  That is 
what happened and it puts a damper on the lovely day because you worry and 
try to correct things without seeming to be upset about the high blood sugar. 
 Well today was a totally different experience.  Danielle had a small lunch 
at school and bolused 1.5 units.  She then went on to her school party at 
2.30 pm and ate sandwiches, sausages and cakes and bolused accordingly.  She 
came home with a perfect result and has remained that way.  What a relief 
this pump is!

We are looking forward to this christmas more than last year, I can tell you!

Mum to Danielle aged 8 on the pump (6 weeks now)
D myself for 29 years and in the middle of treatments
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