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Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

On Thursday 12 Dec 2002 19:10, Michael wrote:

> I did not mis-understand. There are many people that routinely bolus
> more than 5 units at a time. In particular, those that are insulin
> resistant and many type 2's on pumps. Several list members use over
> 100u / day. A 5 unit bolus would almost go un-noticed for them.

Then perhaps the advice for them would be 'no more than 10 units at a time' or 
whatever? I mean, all ratios differ between people, after all.

> I
> don't believe there is any hard science to support minimizing the
> size of a bolus. I don't mean to be argumentive, just pointing out
> that thousands of people bolus in excess of 5 units for their main
> meals. If there were a problem with this I'm sure we'd have heard
> about it by now. There are around 300,000 pumps in use worldwide.
> Around 4,000 of those pumpers belong to Insulin Pumpers. That's a
> large enough sample so that any adverse problems would come to our
> attention.

All I know is, I was told this by the nurse from Disetronic. I've successfully 
followed the advice to the letter since, with one exception. Last week I gave 
myself a 6-unit bolus for a meal I regularly eat, and for which I would 
usually give 5 then 1 after half an hour. And my post-prandial BG was higher 
than expected. OK, so I only have the advice of 1 nurse, and anecdotal 
evidence from 1 experiment :) But it's a theory to which some seem to 
subscribe, therefore I think it is worth mentioning. If it works for you, 
cool. If it doesn't, also cool. :)

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