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Re: [IPk] Re: Matching bolus to food is difficult

Hi Barbara

For one of my experiments I tried bolusing a full hour
before eating! I gave myself 7.5 units (My daily total
is about 35 units) and in this hour my bg only dropped
from 7 to 6. Again though, this didn't work as my bg
was up in the teens 2 hours pp (and I'm pretty sure I
didn't go hypo in the meantime). 

I guess this means that Humalog works very slowly in

I am now considering changing to either pitta bread or
more grainy bread for my lunch. Pasta works well for
me but I don't want to eat it for every meal!


> I would be careful about bolusing half an hour
> before your food because 
> Novorapid (don't know what you are on) is supposed
> to act 10 to 20 minutes 
> after giving it, so you would have to make sure you
> don't go too low. I would 
> probably, personally, not bolus more than 10 minutes
> before the meal but then 
> everyone is different.


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