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Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

Hi MIchael

> I did not mis-understand. There are many people that routinely bolus
> more than 5 units at a time. 

Oh right - from your reply it sounded as if you understood the problem as 
being the total amount of units, not the timing of them, that's all.

In particular, those that are insulin
> resistant and many type 2's on pumps. Several list members use over
> 100u / day. A 5 unit bolus would almost go un-noticed for them. I
> don't believe there is any hard science to support minimizing the
> size of a bolus. I don't mean to be argumentive, just pointing out
> that thousands of people bolus in excess of 5 units for their main
> meals. If there were a problem with this I'm sure we'd have heard
> about it by now. There are around 300,000 pumps in use worldwide.
> Around 4,000 of those pumpers belong to Insulin Pumpers. That's a
> large enough sample so that any adverse problems would come to our
> attention.

Well, as with everything else, YMMV. For *some* people, bolusing several 
smaller doses has a better effect than bolusing one large one. Of course, 
some of the people who take large doses at a time might still get better 
absorption if they split their doses - they just don't know because they 
haven't tried it! But that wasn't the point - it was just that there have 
been plenty of reports that for some people, splitting the dose gives them 
better uptake of the insulin. So it's something that Lesley could at least 
try (no harm in trying!).
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