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RE: [IPk] Re: MDI

I might well think about that option.  I had thought about it before.  The
other problem that I have it that she doesn't always eat enough of her lunch
and because they eat at a stupid time someone will have to be called out of
the staff room to oversee it.  Sasha is on a gluten free diet so the bread
is really pretty horrible after being in the lunch box in the warm for
several hours.  Its very difficult to find anything to give her to eat at
lunchtime that I know for certain that she will eat.

They break for lunch at 12.5 then go out to play for half an hour then come
back in at 12.30 to eat.  By this time the teaching staff have all gone off
duty for lunch break and some go off the premises.  I certainly don't feel
happy with the midday dinner ladies overseeing it.  So  Sasha would have to
go an hunt for a teacher.  They always used to have their lunch at 12.00
then the dinner ladies decided that the kids would be better if they had a
nice rush around the playground for half and hour then eat lunch.  If they
all ate at 12.00 it would have worked out better.

Mum of Sasha aged 8

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> >We would
> >probably have to go in everyday to do this though.
> Hi Jackie,
> I remember you saying this before, and saying it was because she had
> problems with the pen?  If it is the pen, I'd try the new little
> syringes: these can be pre-filled (I'd suggest two, in case one falls on
> the floor!).  They are much smaller, incredibly light, and could be
> easier for her to deal with.
> Best wishes,
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