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[IPk] I've had to pay for the first lot of silhouettes!

Hello everyone

I was plodding along happily and noticed that I had only 1 silhouette left in
the box for Danielle.  Oops, I thought - let's order some - no problem.  They
get here overnight and I have 3 days to go on this one, so never mind!  I
phoned Medtronic and ordered 10 silhouettes.  I was gobsmacked as I realized
I had to pay for them now.  They were #65.00 for 10 plus postage if I can
remember rightly.  That's without the syringes!

I am shocked.  I had them on trial for the first month but it's a bit
different when you have to pay for them yourself.  You start trying to wonder
how you can cut corners don't you?

Mum to Danielle aged 8 on a pump (thought it was a trial but not anymore)
D myself for 29 years and all over the place
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