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Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

> Hi Michael
> I think you misunderstood slightly.
> The point is to bolus no more than 5 units *at a time* not "no more
> than 5 units in total".

I did not mis-understand. There are many people that routinely bolus 
more than 5 units at a time. In particular, those that are insulin 
resistant and many type 2's on pumps. Several list members use over 
100u / day. A 5 unit bolus would almost go un-noticed for them. I 
don't believe there is any hard science to support minimizing the 
size of a bolus. I don't mean to be argumentive, just pointing out 
that thousands of people bolus in excess of 5 units for their main 
meals. If there were a problem with this I'm sure we'd have heard 
about it by now. There are around 300,000 pumps in use worldwide. 
Around 4,000 of those pumpers belong to Insulin Pumpers. That's a 
large enough sample so that any adverse problems would come to our 

> Bernstein has theories about this too, and i
no comment on Berstein.

> believe there is scientific evidence to support it, though I'm
> afraid I can't give you a reference offhand. Bolusing one large
> amount at once- whether by syringe or pump - seems to be less
> effective than bolusing two smaller amounts separately. Certainly
> via injection this seems to be true, though I don't know about
> pumps..... I almost never take more than - or even as much as 5
> units for anything, as I have a ration of 15 carbs per unit. And I
> tend to bolus as I go, so I almost always bolus separately for e.g.
> the main course and dessert. Di
> On Thursday 12 December 2002 17:36, you wrote:
> > > Maybe one of the medical experts could say why bolusing over 5 units at a
> > > time might be less than effective?
> >
> > I'm not a medical expert, but I do know a bit about pumping and have
> > a pumping daughter. She routinely does bolus amounts over 10 units if
> > she is really hungry. At one point a few years ago, we had to raise
> > the bolus limit on her pump so she could bolus over 20 units at a go
> > because she was eating so much. And.... no she's not heavy, petite in
> > fact. She was just a growing teen then. I can't imagine why there
> > should be a 5 unit restriction. Think about what you did on MDI.
> > Injections were always over 5 units.
> >
> > Michael
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