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Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

Hi again all

Thanks for your responses. Some comments:

1. Yes, I'm sure I am doing the correct amount of
insulin to cover the meal. Here is an example:
1pm eat lunch bg 4.9
2pm bg 13.2
3pm bg 18.2
6pm bg 5.8 This is typical of the pattern. If I take
more insulin I will be hypo by 4pm. 

2. I thought that wholemeal food was "low GI" - am I
mistaken here? Shouldn't wholemeal rolls release sugar
slowly during the afternoon? If they are indeed high
GI, would any different type of bread be better?

3. I am interested in the 5 unit theory as I am
currently bolusing 7.5 with my lunch. Di, could you
please explain why this is bad? Thanks. 

Again, thanks for your thoughts. Now that I've got the
expert opinion, I'll ask my hospital ;-)



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