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Re: [IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

> For lunch everyday (yes I'm that boring) I have two
> wholemeal rolls with red pepper pate (sounds a bit
> poncey I know, but it's nice stuff from Safeway, and
> makes a change from cheese if you're veggie) and an
> apple. I haven't found any way of delivering my bolus
> which prevents the blood sugar from going 15+ (when it
> is in the normal range both pre-lunch and pre-dinner).
> I fasted one day and my blood sugar remained between 5
> and 6 all afternoon, so the basal rate is fine. 
> I then tried (a)giving a square wave over two hours,
> (b) bolusing half an hour before eating, (c)bolusing
> half an hour after eating and (d) other variations on
> this theme!
> The best results were from (b), which only resulted in
> a blood sugar of 14. 
> So, my question is, how can I avoid this? 

>From your description, I would guess that the problem is with the 
rolls, unless there is glucose in the pate (unlikely :-). It sounds 
like a "high glycemic food" high. I'm assuming that your ratios are 
correct and the right amount of insulin is going in for the carbs in 
the rolls. Highly refined grains tend to turn to glucose very 
quickly. The solution would be to include more "fat" in the meal to 
slow down digestion or to eat other complex carbs like fruit or even 
honey on the roll. The complex carbs/sugars take much longer to 
digest and should smooth out the sugar peak. 

You can read more about glycemic index on Rick Mendosa's web site 
(see the FOOD page)

at the bottom of the page

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