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[IPk] Matching bolus to food is difficult!

Hi all

Haven't posted for a while and was wondering whether
anybody can shed some light on my problem. 

For lunch everyday (yes I'm that boring) I have two
wholemeal rolls with red pepper pate (sounds a bit
poncey I know, but it's nice stuff from Safeway, and
makes a change from cheese if you're veggie) and an
apple. I haven't found any way of delivering my bolus
which prevents the blood sugar from going 15+ (when it
is in the normal range both pre-lunch and pre-dinner).

I fasted one day and my blood sugar remained between 5
and 6 all afternoon, so the basal rate is fine. 

I then tried (a)giving a square wave over two hours,
(b) bolusing half an hour before eating, (c)bolusing
half an hour after eating and (d) other variations on
this theme!

The best results were from (b), which only resulted in
a blood sugar of 14. 

So, my question is, how can I avoid this? It tends to
stay up at these values for two hours or more and this
will be having quite an effect on my overall blood
sugar level. 

Please nobody suggest that I have to go on a Jennifer
Anison carbfree diet! Or indeed miss lunch altogether!

To make the research super-scientific, I ensured that
the days were all quite similar, i.e. they were work
days when I was teaching all afternoon and no alcohol
had been consumed (in the lessons or otherwise). 

Sorry for v long post but replies would be very much

The bottom line is: is it usual for blood sugars to go
this high after eating?

Right, I will go now. Thanks for reading this far. 



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