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RE: [IPk] Re: MDI


Do most people take an intermediate in the morning AND at night, or do they
have three shots of short acting (Humalog or Novorapid) and then use an
intermediate or long acting at night.


> Hi Barbara,
> How about gathering graphs of the 'insulin action profiles'
> available with
> several injection regimens, i.e.:
> MDI w/four shots per day (i.e., 1 Humalog + intermediate-acting at
> breakfast, 1 Humalog at lunch, and 1 Humalog + intermediate-acting at
> dinner, and 1 of regular insulin at bedtime, for instance)
> VS
> Lantus + corrections/injections for meals
> VS
> the pump
> ?
> Would that information help you explain to your doctor why you
> think Lantus
> is not the way forward _instead_ of a pump?
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