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Re: [IPk] Not well

Hi Barbara

Have you had breathing difficulties before or do you know what caused them?
It must be worrying.

It is difficult to nurse yourself when you feel unwell.  Once I got my husband
to take me to hospital, in the middle of the night, because I felt so unwell
(I had flu) and thought my BG too high and this causing the extra symtoms.  I
had increased my ventolin and becotide, put myself on antibiotics (keep a
supply) but forgotten to take any asprin to bring my temperature down - this
was the problem.  All the hospital were worried about was my asthma attack - I
wasn't, didn't seem bad to me!  I felt a right fool and haven't forgotten the

At least I knew what the asthma attack was about and had medicines to deal
with it.  I didn't have a daughter to look after as well in hospital.   Makes
things tough.

Hope things are better


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Hello everyone

I have been missing from the sites for a while because I was taken in
hospital by ambulance on Saturday with breathing difficulties.  Danielle had
to be admitted with me because my husband was working away and nobody knows
how to treat her except me.

Glad to say I am home now and getting better, but it's such a coincidence
that Jackie (who is on here as much/more than me) is also ill.  Has anyone
heard from her?

Mum to Danielle, dx Aug 2001, on pump since November 6th
D myself for 29 years and suffering at the moment
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