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[IPk] Barbara's qn re MDI, new insulins and pumps

Quoting email @ redacted:

> hospital on Saturday with breathing difficulties and came home with
> steroids. 
>  The consultant told me that I would need to consider 4 injections a day
> whilst on steroids and that the pump should not be considered as a way
> out 
> when there are new insulins on the market.  What do you think?

In a word?  Garbage!  IMNSHO I think the consultant is on a different planet!  
I've been on steroids numerous times for breathing problems and always on MDI 
(pre-pump).  No way could I fine tune my control to counteract the inevitable 
higher bgs from the steroids never mind infection or whatever was making the 
steroids necessary.  I tried the best I could, and I'm reasonably intelligent 
with 24 years experience of living and working hard at controlling my DM.  It 
was a swings and dips experience and usually resulted in weight gain even on a 
5 day course of steroids simply because of the extra insulin which caused me 
more fluid retention.  Seems once it's on board much harder to get out of the 
system. :-(

I've pushed and been on all the new insulins available - sometimes being first 
on them in my DM clinic because I'd done my research and was working like billy-
o to maintain tight control because of the long haul.

Since going on a pump (somewhat reluctantly in some ways, as I was reluctant to 
be attached to anything permanently!), I've had better control, less swings in 
bgs, return of hypo awareness earlier than before, using less insulin, starting 
to lose a bit of the bloating and feeling better.

That's my experience and opinion.  But as we know DM is such an idiopathic 
disease that in the old cliche Your Mileage May Vary - i.e. your experience may 
be different.

All the best, Barbara.  And be kind to yourself, please.

Remind me are you on MDI?

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