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Re: [IPk] Set issues

Hi Rhoda

> This reminds me that I've not been changing the reservoir regularly - but
> did so after the No Delivery alarm.  I've been making them last around 4
> set changes.
> What do others do re the reservoirs?

That may well have been your problem. I had a terrible time once when I was 
away on business and had unwittingly been given a batch of out-of-date 
reservoirs (over a year out of date). I had several with me and i kept 
getting no delivery alarms (very embarrassing in business meetings!). I 
changed everything several times but to no avail. I eventually discovered the 
problem when I looked at the box and saw the best before date. Obviously the 
lubricant had dried up or something. If you reuse a reservoir too much, there 
will be no lubricant left on the plunger, which causes it to stick, hence the 
no delivery alarm.

Sometimes you get  a no delivery alarm when there's a slight blockage - 
either in the tissue under the skin (which is why massaging the area helps) 
or occasionally if there is air somewhere (though that's less likely to cause 
a no delivery alarm). Or of course if your reservoir is empty!!!

If it happens again, try 
(1) massaging the area
(2) disconnecting, priming and reconnecting
(3) if you've been using the same reservoir for more than 2 or 3 times, 
change it
(4) a set change
I'd do 3 before 4 because it's much easier to change a reservoir than a set 
(assuming the set is still new).

Hope that helps
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