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[IPk] Re: changing reservoirs

This seems to be a very variable thing.

In the Disetronic manual it recommends not reusing reservoirs, but not
wanting to use too many  - naturally anti-waste, and I do pay 15% of
the cost of supplies - and having heard from other pump users that
reusing once or twice was fine, I typically reuse each reservoir once
or twice or occasionally, losing track, as much as 3 or 4 times. 

So what I typically do is fill the reservoir, use it until it is empty
(about 10-12 days for me), then reuse twice - so mostly I only use one
a month, and in 5 years pumping have never yet had a no delivery alarm
(having said this it will probably happen tomorrow!). I am careful to
move the plunger up and down to lubricate and make sure it moves easily
each time I fill a reservoir. Also everyone is mentioning how many days
or weeks between reservoir changes - I think part of this may be an
issue of how many units of insulin you use rather than the time

Regarding inserting Tenders - the Disetronic rep showed me how to do it
on day 1, leaving the backing on the adhesive parts until the needle is
fully inserted, then remove the backing from the piece in front of the
needle and stick that piece down, then pull out the needle leaving just
the tiny tube, then remove the backing and stick the piece behind the
needle - I have always done it this way - I agree with others that one
otherwise might have trouble with the sticky bits sticking before you
are ready. But here again, different techniques may work for different


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