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[IPk] RE: Not well

Hi Barbara

Sorry to hear that you have been in hospital.  That must have been a
nightmare for you.  I dread getting ill when Terry isn't here to help with
Sasha and diabetes. Do they know what caused the breathing difficulties?  Is
it the kittens? Asthma type thing? My friend from school who is diabetic
developed asthma out of the blue a few years ago.  She has to use an
occasional inhaler.
Did you manage ok, did Danielle have to miss school?  What did the nurses
think of Danielle pump?

 I have had a bad cold and the twins and my Danielle have been ill with
colds earaches and a  bit a of asthma  and the like.   Sasha had all last
week off, I don't think that she has missed that much school before, even
when she was DXed.     Beckie was off too and both of them coughed and
sneezed together.  They just that bit under the weather that I knew if I
sent them in I would probably be having to pick them up from school.  Sasha
wasn't really that bad until the earache started on Thursday.   It was
6.30pm by the time it had got really bad.  I had to take her to the out of
hours Drs.   She was in her PJs   (Sasha, not the GP)!  we then had to trek
round Safeway's with her in slippers and PJ's!!!!!! to get the prescription.
Terry had gone out.   I would have been mortified at the age of 8 going
round the Supermarket in my night clothes but Sasha didn't seem to mind (ear
hurting too much) but even the next day she though that it was funny.
Sasha had quite high bg levels on two days that I had to keep my eye on.
The twins went back today, having started the day seemingly well.  Then the
Sasha phoned from school to say her ear was still hurting so I had to go and
get her.  I think the infection is going but the pain ,crackling and muffled
hearing is due to fluid in the ear. I had to call at some shops on the way
back home and she was helping with the shopping and there didn't seem a
great deal wrong to me!  I am worried about Beckie as she had complained of
headaches for over a week now and her cold seems better but the headaches
are still ongoing.  I don't know whets causing them. I did a urine test in
case!!!!! but it was ok. If she still has the headache tomorrow then I will
have to see if I can get an appointment for her at the Drs.  I do get worn
out going to appointments for one thing and another.

Glad that you are better now.  I was wondering where you were.


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Hello everyone

I have been missing from the sites for a while because I was taken in
hospital by ambulance on Saturday with breathing difficulties.  Danielle had
to be admitted with me because my husband was working away and nobody knows
how to treat her except me.

Glad to say I am home now and getting better, but it's such a coincidence
that Jackie (who is on here as much/more than me) is also ill.  Has anyone
heard from her?

Mum to Danielle, dx Aug 2001, on pump since November 6th
D myself for 29 years and suffering at the moment
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