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Re: [IPk] Set issues

Hi Rhoda

I think what may happen occasionally when one gets the No Delivery alarm is 
that an occlusion in the cannula occurs, possibly by some tissue blocking it. 
For me this has happened after putting in a new set and I am attempting to 
bolus. Massaging the area seems to free it up and gets the insulin moving. At 
least this is what I assume happens. It may take several attempts to free it 
by massaging and re-bolusing.

I agree with what Bev said about the reservoirs. If you use them for too 
long, they will lose their lubricant and stick. I change mine once a week 
after 2 set changes. Also make sure with a new reservoir that you move the 
plunger up and down before filling.

One more point is that I always change my set before a meal so that I can 
bolus some insulin with a newly inserted set. This is a way of checking for 
any blockages. I think that it is wise to do this otherwise you may not know 
when your basal rate is not being delivered for a good while afterwards. It 
takes some time for pressure to build up when no insulin is being delivered 
and for the No Delivery alarm to appear.


> Another thing that you might try is gently massage the site area. This
> has 
> worked for me on the odd occasion when I get a No Delivery alarm.

Ken, that's interesting. Why do you think gently massaging the area solved 

I'll try anything if it works, even if I don't understand it, but curious all 

the same.
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