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Re: [IPk] Set issues

Quoting Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>:

> Did you change the set immediately when you got the No Delivery alarm?
> Sometimes that happens for no apparent reason, and by disconnecting,
> priming 
> a unit or so, and then reconnecting, you'll have no further problem. 
> Just wondering if you tried that?

I couldn't get past the No Delivery screen.  I used Sel and Act and sweet 
nothing happened other than the pump continued to bleat at me!  Eventually I 
had to Stop it and then restart it before I could get to any other screen.

When I read the explanation in the Manual, I thought if there's an occlusion 
then I'd better change.  So didn't think to disconnect, prime and reconnect 

I'll remember that trick for next time as I'm sure there will be.

Thanks, Di.

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