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Re: [IPk] Re: 2 questions

Hi Rhoda

On Monday 09 December 2002 13:08, you wrote:
> Di, I can see that you'd find the remote useful.  I gather others might
> enjoy you reaching down inside your bra to reach the pump, but understand
> why you would prefer to use the remote <g>

Speaking of which, I had an interesting experience on Saturday. I was at a 
dance competition and had the pump in my bra. Unfortunately I hadn't checked 
it was secure before I started one event (the Paso Doble) which involved a 
lot of jumping around, and as I started the dance I realised it had slipped a 
bit. Nothing I could do so I carried on and hoped it would stay put. It did 
until I had to do a complicated spin followed by a jump onto the floor on one 
knee, which resulted in the pump dropping out and hanging suspended out of 
the bottom of my dress! We were only halfway through the dance so I had to 
carry on. I didn't notice it till I got up off the floor, and I was right in 
front of the table of officials and judges. I couldn't carry on dancing with 
it dangling out of my dress, so I quickly pulled up my dress and shoved the 
pump into the top of my knickers!!! No way I could get it back in my bra 
without being even more obvious. Amazingly my dance partner didn't even 
notice but I'm sure the judges must have wondered what on earth I was doing. 
Still, it obviously worked as we made the final and came 6th!
Moral - if you're going to wear the pump in an awkward place, make sure it's 
Anyway, back to batteries....
> First set of batteries in pump lasted 1 week and I wasn't doing much and
> certainly not using remote or lots of other juice eating features.
> Perhaps they'd been drained sitting in the pump before I got it.

yes, I found that with both my pumps the first set of batteries only lasted 
about a week. I think they put them in a long time before you actually get 
hold of it (especially if the pump is sitting around in the hospital for a 
while before you're allowed to get your hands on it).
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