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Re: [IPk] Re: 2 questions

Hi Rhoda
I find that the remote is only really useful when I'm wearing something like 
a dress and have to shove the pump somewhere totally inaccessible, and I'm in 
a situation where I'm going to need to bolus e.g. in polite company when I 
don't want to be reaching inside my top or something! Which doesn't happen 
often. But it is very useful in those situations!

I think I've only used the vibrator option once when I really didn't want the 
beeping to be heard - but there aren't many situations when that arises.

> Thanks for this, Allan.  I'd decided over the weekend that the remote
> control is more trouble than it's worth and thought it might be heavy on
> juice <g>
> I I don't use the vibrator aspect but do have the light.
> I must order more batteries so thanks again for your advice.
> Rhoda
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