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[IPk] Insertion technique clarified


thank you for your suggestion to remove the backing paper on a Tender 
infusion set *before* inserting the needle under the skin.  This has made 
insertion easier, and allows the cannula and needle under the skin before 
the sticking plaster attaches itself.

For clarification to anyone using Tender infusion sets:

The Disetronic Tender manual recommends 'removing the front half of the 
backing paper *BEFORE* introducing the needle', and to 'pull back the edge 
of the self-adhesive plaster with the index finger'.

I have followed these instructions for the past 9 months, and have found 
that the sticky tape has stuck to the pinched-up skin before the cannula has 
been fully inserted, preventing full insertion, and at times causing 
problems with insulin delivery.  I suspect others may have this problem, 
given this is the official recommended technique.

Providing you have reasonable co-ordination, and are able to remove the 
plaster backing when the needle is already inserted under the skin , while 
continuing ot pinch-up the skin (if you need to), this method is much more 
reliable and less complicated to ensure an effective insertion and reliable 

I hope this makes sense



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