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[IPk] A great hiking holiday, thanks to pump

I've just returned from a short break - we had two full days hiking in
an area of incredible natural beauty.
And I cannot imagine how this would have been possible without the pump
- I found that I needed to set varying temporary basal rates -
sometimes as low as 30% of normal for same time of day. Thanks to
frequent testing and adjusting the basal rate, though I did get
slightly hypo at times, it was never so severe that we had to stop
walking. How could one have had a hope of matching that with long
acting insulin in the body???
I was somewhat suprised to find that after staying low all day and into
the evening till 10 or 11 pm, my blood sugar went up a little higher
than usual during the night - one theory I had was that maybe these
were rebounds after hypos that I slept through, but I'm not convinced -
didn't really feel like that.


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