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[IPk] attitudes

Further thoughts on Daniell's consultant
I find the assumption that poor control=bad diet and diabetes=no sugar ( with
no regard to carb counting or glycaemic index) very sinister but unfortunately
quite pervasive amongst the less enlightened of our profession
The " no sugar" rule wouldn't be quite so bad if universally leading to good
control, minimal hypos and otherwise flexibility with food
While these attitudes or the equally undesirable line of thought that you are
being obsessive for wanting good control, prevail, people with DM continue to
suffer unecessarily from poor control, complications and the general misery of
bad control ( feeling unwell, hypos affecting employment, leisure activities
But I imagine old fashioned beliefs and old wive's tails without any
physiological basis are very hard to change
Is Danielle's consultant getting near to retirement? I hope so
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