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[IPk] Danielle's visit to consultant

Oh grrrr
you did not have a hope in hell of getting control with mixtard, anyway. I
recall you telling us Daniell'es BGs were 30 before bed and hypo on waking
So how did he expect you to adjust diet?
by starving her all evening while the rest of the family ate dinner and waking
her up twice for a meal in the night?
And because she occasionally eats frosties you are a bad Mum, you neglect your
daughter's health etc and that is why her HbA1c went up before pumping

Actually, I read that frosties have a lower glycaemic index than cornflakes
It would help if certain medics understood basic physiology
So he thought that apalling swings in BG were due to poor diet?
What hope do we have when there are physicians like this practising?
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