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Re: [IPk] 2 questions

In a message dated 12/4/2002 1:03:03 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> How long do the batteries supplied by Minimed/Medtronic normally last in the 
> pump?  
> Is 4 weeks about normal?  Just wondering...
> My bgs this morning were high for no apparent reason, I bolused but only 
> dropped by 
> .5 mmol/l (9mg/dl) over an hour.
> I've changed my set decided to switch from Silhouette/Tender to Sof-Set so 
> will be 
> testing to see if that works.  Interesting how there was no indication at 
> the site of a 
> problem.  Set introduced yesterday morning.
> In the Sof-Set kit there is a small plastic tap-like item.  (last graphic 
> on right on cover 
> of Sof-set).  I've read the instructions and unless I've missed something, 
> I have no idea 
> what this is for.  Can anyone enlighten me?
> BTW I've been finding that leaning over work-tops has accidentally switched 
> off the 
> pump and I get the Alarm 0 warning.  OK I know I'm trying to lose weight 
> but when 
> wearing a skirt with no pockets there's only the waistband to clip the pump 
> to.  Believe 
> me I don't need to add to my bust size with a bra attachment!!!!
> Any other endowed list members with some ideas?
> Rhoda 
Hi Rhoda,

I use the Medtronic batteries too and they generally last me 1-2 months.  
There are several variables here, e.g.: the batteries themselves can vary in 
quality like any other battery; how often you use the pump features / reset 
etc; whether you use the light (uses the batteries up quickly).  I find that 
Medtronic batteries last longer than the regular 357s you can buy over the 

Re the tap-like items: otherwise known as protective caps, but I call 'em 
plastic plugs :).  I believe these are meant to seal the pump end of your 
infusion set when you want to use the disconnection facility to shower, swim, 
exercise etc. No air can then get in - otherwise, you might get some air 
retraction so that when you reconnected you'd get air instead of insulin - 
nor insulin leak out.  I have to say that I have never found the plugs 
useful, and when first trying them out I managed several times to bend the 
little needle at the pump end, so that I then had to change the whole 
caboodle! :-(

No, I can't use the bra attachment either and I'm a D...  But I do have a 
couple of tricks.  I sew vertical felt loops onto skirt waistbands so the 
pump will sit comfortably clipped into them horizontally.  Works very well if 
I'm wearing a suit, but if not everyone just assumes I've got one of those 
bloke's trousers gizmos for wearing a pager.  An alternative for the very 
well endowed is to use what you've got!...a comfortable and adjustable cotton 
band (I made my own) sited just under the endowments :) with pump clipped 
onto the middle...(great at night, but works during the day too!).  (If you 
don't get the picture, I can send you one!)

Best wishes,

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