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Re: [IPk] 2 questions

Hi Rhoda,

Since 1997 I have had something to keep the pump on my thigh when I wear a 
dress or I don't want the pump on my skirt waistband. I position my MiniMed 
507C inside the thigh thing so that I can feel the buttons through the 
fabric of my skirt if I'm sitting down. That way I can use the audio bolus 
if I'm in a rather quiet room and I don't have to excuse myself to give a 

Check out: http://www.uniaccs.com/index.html and 

As I have had both the thigh thing as available through Unique Accessories 
and that marketed by MiniMed, I have a couple of observations about each:

The Unique Accessories one may be uncomfortable if you wear a UK size above 
12. Also, I used to get little abrasions from the clip supplied to secure 
the lycra band to my underwear if I wore it for several hours at a stretch. 
However, when I had it on for just a few hours, especially if I wore tights 
as well, the Unique Accessories thigh thing really stayed in place and I 
hardly noticed I had it on. The MiniMed thigh thing, which I got when my 
Unique Accessories one sort of 'died' after 3 years, is totally adjustable, 
so it should suit you no matter your size (and if you lose some weight, it 
will still fit). It's a length of very thick elastic with a Velcro closure 
to it and a little lycra pouch to tuck the pump into, so you can decide how 
high or low it goes on your leg. It doesn't come with a clip, but I have 
found that it tends to stay put pretty well without one. It stays in place 
better when I wear tights, though, and as I am a UK 10 these days there's a 
fair bit of leftover elastic to wiggle into place underneath the band. I 
suppose I could cut that so there'd be less, but I'd feel bad if I ever 
wanted to lend the thing to someone bigger than me who might need what's 
slack to me.

If it's any comfort I have never been able to hide my pump in my bra either!

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; 'endowed'

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