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[IPk] 2 questions

How long do the batteries supplied by Minimed/Medtronic normally last in the pump?  
Is 4 weeks about normal?  Just wondering...

My bgs this morning were high for no apparent reason, I bolused but only dropped by 
.5 mmol/l (9mg/dl) over an hour.

I've changed my set decided to switch from Silhouette/Tender to Sof-Set so will be 
testing to see if that works.  Interesting how there was no indication at the site of a 
problem.  Set introduced yesterday morning.

In the Sof-Set kit there is a small plastic tap-like item.  (last graphic on right on cover 
of Sof-set).  I've read the instructions and unless I've missed something, I have no idea 
what this is for.  Can anyone enlighten me?

BTW I've been finding that leaning over work-tops has accidentally switched off the 
pump and I get the Alarm 0 warning.  OK I know I'm trying to lose weight but when 
wearing a skirt with no pockets there's only the waistband to clip the pump to.  Believe 
me I don't need to add to my bust size with a bra attachment!!!!

Any other endowed list members with some ideas?

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