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Re: [IPk] Re: Some Questions

I am horrified and disgusted
However, are you sure there has not been a misunderstanding
There are so many people who do not turn up for appointments with the excuse
that they forgot or they thought it was next week etc
(I will not go into this or there would be one very long rant...)
But you were removed from the neurology clinic list because you have a
neurological condition..
This is apalling and I am sure you would be quite justified if you wrote to
them explaining what had happened and demanding to be reinstated
I would seriously think about complaing
>Unfortunately I missed one appointment due to having a siezure. Because I
missed the appointment I was reffered back to my GP (They are very
unforgiving in this area) and it will be about another 12 months before I
can get another appointment, unless I go private.
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