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Re: [IPk] Recognising errors in site changing

Hiya Louis,

Do you clean your skin first??

I use Savlon wound wash (comes in a handy spray and would last for about 2
years of the nozzle didn't snap off!) to clean before I put any insertion
set in as I found that I was getting red and sore.  (You may well find that
the yellowing is helped by this too).

A lot of the people I meet use their thighs to put the insertion set in - we
were told to allow a half-hour "leg time" with this - basically it takes
longer for the insulin to start acting, so make sure that you bolus before
you eat...  (As with everything tho' it depends very much on your own

Have you tried the other insertion sets?  I know that some people use
Minimed sets with a Disetronic pump and vice-versa.  I am sure that
Disetronic would send you one of the new Rapid-D sets to try if you ask
nicely (I think that Estelle is away at the moment...).

Anyway, hope this helps,

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