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[IPk] Re: Some Questions


Thanks for your response.  

In answer to your question "Do you have a Neurologist" I did until a few months ago.  Unfortunately I missed one appointment due to having a siezure. Because I missed the appointment I was reffered back to my GP (They are very unforgiving in this area) and it will be about another 12 months before I can get another appointment, unless I go private. 

I've got used to everything being left to me these days.  I take 2,500mg of Sodium Valporate a day but it doesn't seem to do much.  If ever I end up in A & E due to it happening in the street I'm always told "Well take more care of your diabetes and it won't happen" grrrrrr.  My diabetes is very well controlled at the moment.  I'm just waiting for the next solution that they come out with.  I am sure it will be "It's because your using a pump" Though using the pump has assisted a great deal, when I have a seizure I can at least sleep it off now and not feel ill for days and days afterwards.

Sorry to sound so cynical but i really don't understand why the health authority seems to adopt this attitude.  I'm a single parent at the moment and the kids have to suffer too when all this goes on.  What does one do?  Well I guess I've been waiting 25 years so a few more ain't gonna do any harm :)
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